Standing Desk Height Is A Good Idea

Build Standing Desk Height

Standing desk height – Research is still ongoing in United States about benefits of moving a little more when we are at work. For example when walking down Meeting. It has been found that holding a meeting while walking, shorten average 10-minute meeting with respect to a normal meeting in a room, sitting in chairs. Apparently, we remember best information that was exchanged if we did more walking meetings … And like that, we can ensure that no one falls asleep.

Some companies even provide information on possibility of creating a standing desk height with integrated treadmill so that employees can do a little physical activity while working. This would be a way to make a “pause” by not sitting all day. Obviously it would not be very practical most of time but idea can be interesting.

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So what’s important message? You have to move a little more when you’re at work, either by walking to get lunch or go for a glass of water or by organizing meetings where you walk. Standing up in front of his adjustable standing desk height is also a good idea. By doing this, you allow body to do a little more what he wants and what he needs and therefore you minimize pain that develops when one spends many hours sitting at a desk.

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