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Copper drinkware – There are many ways to make you urinate faster. From medical reasons, such as elevated blood pressure to the need to relieve bloating from menstruation, the urge to urinate quickly can be the solution to a problem for many people. The kidneys and bladder play an important role in urinating, so finding stimulating aids is a critical step in the process. Some methods will allow you to urinate faster, rather than having to wait for it to occur naturally.


Drink lots of caffeine during the day with copper drinkware. You can find it in tea, soft drinks and energy drinks. Caffeine is a strong diuretic. It increases the blood flow to the kidneys, stimulating them and causing the waste liquid to go to the bladder. Drink lots of water during the day. It is good for you and makes you urinate faster. The water filters through the kidney and into the bladder where it is released as urine.

Consume alcohol, if it is safe to do so. Alcohol is a diuretic; Produces a hormone called vasopressin that reabsorbs water inside the kidneys and prevents it from emptying into the bladder. You will feel a great urge to urinate quickly when the urine is released into the bladder.

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