DIY Multiple Laptop Desk Stand

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Contemporary Laptop Desk Stand

Laptop desk stand – Cut a rectangular section of plywood to serve as the top surface of the desk. A good size criterion is the size of the stand space transportation, if the trunk of a car or the bed of a truck or van. Cut four lengths to the support frame. Two of them should be the same length of the longer sides of the desk. The other two must be equal to the width of the desk surface least twice the thickness of the long pieces.

Combine the four pieces in a rectangular frame as the size of the laptop desk stand. First, the pilot holes where you want to insert wood screws. Apply the rectangular frame at the bottom of the desk surface plywood with wood screws, drill pilot holes making sure, as it did when the frame is mounted.

Cut four pieces to make the tripod legs. Close your legs in the inner corners of the structure. Drill a hole through the frame and then leg to each of the legs so that a screw can be inserted to hold the leg in position. Thread a screw into each hole so that the screw head is outside the desk frame and tighten wing nut on each bolt with pliers or tweezers extension. Paint laptop desk stand with several coats of exterior paint.

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