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Blue flatware is beautiful ideas for meal. If your plates and cutlery feels cheap, too heavy or too light, you know how the wrong dish can negatively affect a meal. If you own a restaurant, you know that the wrong dish can send the wrong message and affect sales. Knowing how to select stainless steel cutlery can send the right message and impress visitors or inspire confidence with customers. When it comes to style, stainless steel cutlery offers a multitude of choices and comes in weights ranging from strong to delicate. If you want to select quality stainless steel cutlery, simply follow some guidelines.

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Blue flatware, compare nickel and percent chromium and look for an 18-10, where 18 represent the percentage of chromium and 10 represent the percentage of nickel. Chrome provides protection against corrosion, and higher percentages of nickel help create a smooth, glossy shine.

Compare folding capacity and weight, know stainless steel medium weight consists of cheap blue flatware, lightweight, easily folded, die stamped, while extra heavy cutlery consist of thick, sturdy, unbendable cutlery that sends a solid message. Heavy weight cutlery consists of thick, hard-to-fold cutlery and comes in a variety of styles that help convey a quality message. Compare the three types of construction: hollow and forged handle stamping.

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