Modern Minimalist Desk Created By Janis Ellenberger

Kids Modern Minimalist Desk

Modern minimalist desk – A desk should be as simple and as functional as possible. Less unnecessary details are present, the better for whoever sits. This is because when you are working you do not need decorations. All you need is an efficient space, where you can organize things and where you can work undisturbed. This is what it sounds like this desk from the minimalist design created by Janis Ellenberger for a furniture from modern office or truly original.

The modern minimalist desk has a very versatile style that makes it suitable for the most offices, as well as pets or also in a corner of the workspace. The size of the desk is 49, 75 cm wide, 24 cm deep and 38.5 cm high. It has no storage compartments such as drawers or shelves, but has two small compartments that are perfect for storing pens, documents and other small items.

Although it seems extremely simple, it is actually a piece of furniture very ingenious that helps to organize in a rational manner from the work surface using also the possibility of using the hooks for hanging documents and other material. Modern minimalist desk is an ingenious solution, and clear up a lot of space. This way you can find a place for everything that can be useful to have on hand without taking up the plan that remains free.

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