Refinish A Modern Wood Desk

Awesome Modern Wood Desk

Modern wood desk are a beautiful addition to any home office. But over time the wood-finish captures dirt will stain and decreases. This gives a somewhat battered appearance desk, which may also be abrasive. Fortunately, it is possible to refinish your wood desk instead of spending the money on a new desktop. Refinishing wood is a somewhat time consuming process, but if it is done properly, the results will speak volumes.

Refinish a modern wood desk; remove all desktop hardware with a screwdriver. Remove the drawers and set the entire desktop on a dust sheet in a well ventilated area. Wipe the surface of the desk in the direction of the veins with the moistened steel wool. Put on a pair of gloves and protective paint a thick layer of paint stripper over the surface of the entire desktop, including drawer fronts, sides and top of the desk. Make sure to get the stripper in small cracks and cuts. Allow the paint remover sit for the recommended amount of time on the packaging. Scraping along the grain of the wood in a small area to test whether the goal is softened.

After that to refinish modern wood desk, re-coat desktop with paint stripper when the first coat of finish that is scraped. Soak a cloth in denatured alcohol and wipe down the desk, along the grain of the wood, to clean the paint stripper away. Let the wood dry completely before proceeding. Brush the desired spot color over the desk, keep the wood grain and long, even strokes. Male stain in the cracks and decorative carvings with a detail brush. Let the stain sit for the recommended time.  Let the stain dry for the recommended amount of time by the manufacturer.

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